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Re: Si, bolide! Y volcano!

In a message dated 96-04-04 11:20:46 EST, you write:

> And yet I haven't heard anything lately about the theory, and so
>far (I haven't finished reading the postings), no one on the list has
>mentioned it.  Is that because, even if true, antipodism still fails to
>explain the selective nature of the KT extinctions?  Or that it is
>untestable?  Or has it been discredited/discarded?  What's the latest on
>the antipodal theory?

Hello Mr. Curtis,

As for the Deccan volcanism being caused by the K-T impact, you might as well
forget it! The Deccan Floods started a couple of million years before the
impact (or was it 1 My?). I have heard differing views on weather this hot
spot was antipodal to the impact site. Frankly I don't know which is correct
but a super computer simulation run by the Sandia Lab (Geotimes 1994?)
 showed that antipodal volcanism was at least possible because of the
differential refraction of the various seismic waves produced by the impact
by the major discontinuities within the earth would focus much of the energy
at the antipode and possibly intiate faulting or rifting thereby allowing
magmatism to occur. I have not seen anything else about this in the
literature so I don't know how much to infer from it. Regardless, it seems
that the two are not temporally related.

Thomas R. Lipka
Paleontological/Geological Studies