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Re: Dinofest '96

        This is Mikiel.  My mailer is on the glitch right now, so I'm 
having to use a friend's account until I can straighten things out.  
Apparently ASU's mainframe has almost forgotten that I exist since I'm 
not taking any classes this semester, so it may be a while before I get 
my system working again.  I haven't received any messages anyone may have 
sent to me since the 4th.  (Appologies to Mickey for all the bounced mail 
you've probably had to deal with to my account!)

        Anyway, I wanted to let those of you who are coming to 
Dinofest know that the Great Russian Dinosaurs exhibit will still be here 
through the symposium.  The exhibit is at the Mesa Southwest Museum, 
which is about a 10 minute drive from ASU.  (Take Apache Boulevard east 
from ASU for 5.5 miles to MacDonald.  Turn left [north] on MacDonald, and 
the museum is on your right at the end of the block.)  Admission is $5 
for those of you over the age of three.  The musuem will be open Tuesday 
to Saturday from 10am - 5pm.  Sunday from 1pm - 5pm.  Closed Mondays.
        Also, I appologize for cluttering up the list with this, but 
since my mailer's not working I thought this would be the best way to 
reach several of you who expressed an interest in socializing and talking 
about paleontology while at Dinofest.  I'm planning on being at a 
bar/restaurant called "Old Chicago" every evening after Dinofest, from 
the 18th to the 21st.  Anyone who wants to is welcome to drop in and 
harangue about dinosaurs or paleontology in general.  Old Chicago is 
about a mile south and west of ASU's main campus, on the NE corner of 
Broadway and Roosevelt.  Just head south from campus to Broadway, and 
then west to Roosevelt and you're there.
        This is an entirely informal gathering, so drop in anytime 
between 8pm and midnight.  (I realize this makes me sound like a real 
lush, but I prefer to think that I'm serving some kind of function by 
hanging out in a bar for four hours a night. :-)  I'll arrange to have 
the bar staff direct you to the dinosaur fanatics' table(s) if you'll 
just inquire when you get there.
        If you can't make it to the bar, I hope to see a number of you at 
the symposium!

924 S. Casitas Dr. Apt. D
Tempe, Arizona 85281