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Re: "No Bolides!"

>        Which is also why polar dinosaurs argue so strongly for
>warm-bloodedness. Big ectotherms like Megalania, Geochelone, pythons,
>etc. are tropical and subtropical animals; while coldbloods are mostly
>absent from the poles. It's endotherms like penguins, arctic foxes, polar
>bears, musk oxen etc. that can survive where it's cold. And while the
>Cretaceous did not get as cold as our modern Ice-Age times, it certainly
>seems to have been too cold for ectotherms at the poles. As long as it
>can get the food to keep its metabolism going and it has sufficient
>insulation, a jay or fox can survive sixty below in the Alaskan Interior.
>        -nick L.

Whoooo there boy!!!! If you are going to play the
a routine you should also be aware that crocodiles, turtles and
labyrinthodonts have also come out of these sites. This greatly complicates
the picture and indicates that there is some problem with the palaeotemp
data for the early Cretaceous of southern Victoria. Either that or there is
something screwy about these particular turtles, crocs and labyrinthodonts.

Cheers, Paul