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Comets vs. Meteorites

Steven Okay writes;

>My understanding of [bolides] and the popular definition seems to be
>one that explodes before impact. The actual true definition seems to
>allow some leeway and include objects that explode on impact. In
>which case, meteorite and bolide would seem to be synonymous.

Actually, most meteorites tend to stay in one piece upon impact (provided
 its under a certian size).  Therefore, I suspect that "bolide" still
 doesn't really apply to meteorites.=20

FYI, comets are usually associated with exploding; in fact, exploding
 seems to be far more common than impacting.  This phenomenon has been
 observed many times during human history (the Siberian impact, for
 example), where a comet has been seen aproaching the ground, and exploding
 above the ground.  Because of this, comet "impacts" rarely leave a crater.


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