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Re: [rsulliva@sparky.cmic.state.pa.us: Re: "No Bolides!"]

> Dear me! Can you also explain, or not explain the Permian extinction?

See, for example:

Erwin, Douglas H. 1993.
    _The Great Paleozoic Crisis_. Columbia University Press, New York. xii + 
327 pages.

Osborne, Roger, and Tarling, Donald (General Editors). 1996.
    _The Historical Atlas of the Earth: A Visual Exploration of the Earth's 
Physical Past_. 
Stephen Jay Gould, Consultant Editor. Additional contributions by G. A. L. 
University of Durham. Henry Holt and Company, New York. 192 pages. (Also, note 
questions regarding this work, which I posted to the List about two weeks ago.)

-= Tuck =-