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Re: Swimming mammoths and climate change

The number of glacial advances and retreats throughout the Pleistocene,
culminating the final Valders advance were not acompanied by concommitant
extinctions to my knowledge.  In partucular the last major round of glacial /
interglacial advance and retreat was at the time of the expansion of the
bipedal primates into northern climes. Certainly this most recent set of
extincitons may have other unusual circumstances that had more influence than
climate.  If you live in Wisconsin you know that the next glacial advance is
probably waiting for midMay.

Nothern Wisconsin has recorded snowfall (one of more inches) in each of the
last  eight months.  There has been contiuous snow cover for the last 139

Pray for global warming. ... it's never there when you need it.

John Ellingson

Becoming extinct north of the new arctic circle in Madison, WI.

Has the axis tilted while I was struggling with Daylight savings time?