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New Safari Carnegie Dinos

   Just received my first shipment of the new Carnegie dinos:


   Good.  Could have been better but a tremendous improvement over the
original Allosaurus.


   Haven't received yet.  I should get it later this month.


   Good.  It's not quite as fiery in color as the picture suggests.  Nice
detail.  The nest and figure are NOT attached to each other like in the
original.  I've decided to keep one for myself after all.


   Wow.  Wow wow wow!  The "wows" aren't so much about the quality of the
figure, which is excellent, but because of its SIZE.  It's one thing to know
this thing is big from looking at the picture.  It's another altogether to
get a feel for its size by holding a scale figure in your hand.  It's even
bigger than the Maiasaura (without nest)!  "Terrible croc" indeed.

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