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Re: Looking for leaves and grass at sea?

On Tue, 9 Apr 1996, King, Norm wrote:

> > Indian elephants habitually swim of the mainland to islands several 
> > kilometers out to sea in search of food.
> Strikes me as pretty odd behavior.  There must be more to the story here. 
>  After all, if you were hungry for some nice green leaves, grass, or 
> etc., would you jump in the water and start swimming out to sea?
> What is the bathymetry around California's Channel Islands, and those 
> islands off the coast of India?  Could elephantids walk there, grazing 
> (browsing) along the way, during sea-level lowstands?

        At home, deer routinely swim the mile distance between small 
offshore islands; they have the advantage of hollow hair for floatation.
My dad once told me about seeing a herd of deer out at sea- they were
thirty or forty miles from
the nearest land, and headed in the wrong direction. Beavers 
and river otters also commonly head into salt water, but that's not 
nearly as surprising. 
        - nick L.