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Re: Swimming mammoths and climate change

In a message dated 96-04-09 11:23:52 EDT, you write:

>Nothern Wisconsin has recorded snowfall (one of more inches) in each of the
>last  eight months.  There has been contiuous snow cover for the last 139
>Pray for global warming. ... it's never there when you need it.
>John Ellingson
>Becoming extinct north of the new arctic circle in Madison, WI.
>Has the axis tilted while I was struggling with Daylight savings time?

Hey Us Marylanders are still shivering at this new Ice Age too! We have had
over 6 feet of snow for this winter which broke some ancient record and as of
today, instead of 60 and 70 degree temps that _should_ be there has been snow
and freezing rain all day long and it;s April 9th by God! Two winters ago it
was entirely ice that came as snow on Christmas night and it was ice storms
until late March with even colder average temps. So much for global warming

Thomas R. Lipka
Paleontological/Geological Studies