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Hello everybody.

I'm hoping to work on some computer-animated dinosaurs in the
not-to-distant future. ever see Jurassic Park? then you know what i'm
talking about. But for me to do this, someone has to 'digitize' a
dinosaur for me to work with in the computer. I'm planning to contract
this out to a graphics workshop called Viewpoint. but for them to do
it, they need a actual dinosaur model (to model the body in the
computer) and lotsa pictures and art (so they can paint the dino in
the computer). I'm going to have them do a T-Rex. i plan on using the
34 1/2 inch-long Rex model from Lunar Models, if it turns out to be

My main concern is that this thing be ACCURATE. this 'dataset' is
gonna cost big bucks and I wanna make sure it's done right. for this
to happen i need public opinion of what is 'accurate'.  if anyone
could send me ANY and all T Rex art pages on the web it would be a
great help. i'll upload some pictures of the lunar model once i get it
for observance (next week, maybe...?). i guess it's time for my first
few questions....yeah

1. The Lunar Model is cool. It has two sets of arms. you glue on the
ones that go with what you believe in. one set corresponds with a
theory (whose?) that states the arms were held close to the body, sort
of like a folded bird wing. the other set of arms, simply arn't folded
close to the body. I think this might have been Horner. any thoughts
on this?

2. One of the most accurate T-Rex's i've ever seen was the Jurassic
Park T-rex. what do you think? IMHO, the arms were a shade long, but
that's about it. Horner was doggin 'Team Rex' during the whole
pre-production and'd get after them when they did something wrong. But
I have a metric ton of color shots of the JP rex, lots of schematics
and stuff that i could send to Viewpoint. If the JP rex gets a
thumsup, i'll probably just send them a copy of JP (i currently have

I guess that's it for now. any and all responses will help
tremendously. any pictures would be a huge help. thanx again.

oh yeah, if yer curious, here's the system i'll be animating the rex
on: Single p166 /w 1.6 Mode 4 IDE, 98.3 megs of ram, 512 pipeline
burst cache, 6x cdrom, SB16, Windows NT Server 3.51, Lightwave 3-d
version 4.0.

Coming soon-(when i can afford it) dual/quad/hex pentium system for
batch rendering. Digital Perception's PVR /w Live capture
daughterboard. 9 gig Seagate Barracuda SCSI-2 widw A/V. and a new

-Jeff Miller

"SGI? Why?"