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Re: Mammoths on Catalina Island

>I saw the Paleo World show on TLC and I am pretty sure that the scientist
>implied that the population became isolated with the retreat of the glaciers
>and rising sea levels.  I am sure the mammoths could have swam to the island,
>and some probably did.  Some probably feed the great whites in the area also.
>MMMM-Good    :-)  Out of curiosity, would what happened to this population be
>an example of Puncuated Equilibrium?

It would more precisely be an example of allopatric speciation: isolation
from the main population allowing divergence sufficient for making the
isolate a new species.

Allopatric speciation is an important component of punc eq, but is accepted
by followers of the "modern synthesis" (aka "phyletic gradualism") school of
evolution as well.

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