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Re: Swimming mammoths and climate change

On Wed, 10 Apr 1996, Ronald Orenstein wrote:

> Is there any chance that the crossing took place during a glacial period,
> when sea levels would have been lower, the distance less and (possibly) the
> conditions in the intervening waters that make them attractive to sharks
> today not applicable?

Unfortunately for several previous suggestions, lowered sea level in the 
Pleistocene was far to small to make the distance to the Channel Islands 
easily swimmable. The main channels are often 1000 ft deep or more (I 
will checkl my excellent charts of the California Coast when I go to my 
office). There were some banks that would be way points for a rest, but 
probably not big enough to supporet mammoths for a long stop. I'll check 
this out as well.
        The other thing was a suggestion to turn continental drift back 
10/15,000 years but at the ratre of drift in California, that would make 
an insignificant change. 
        Guess them mammoths will still have to swim a long way.

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