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The Dinosaur Encyclopedia software (advert)

Version 2.0 of the Dinosaur Encyclopedia for IBM compatible computers is now
released! A description follows - anyone interested in further information
please contact me off list. Price is A$50.

The Dinosaur Encyclopedia is a hypertext reference program containing
up to date, scientifically accurate information on all known
dinosaurs. More than 750 genera and 1000 species are included, with
full screen presentations on more than 350 'valid' genera plus brief
descriptions of nomina dubia, synonyms, inclusions etc.  (It contains
almost all the genera on the 'genera list' except for a few that
haven't been dinosaurs for ages)

Section 1 contains the individual dinosaur information that can be accessed by 
name, by dinosaur family, size, country of origin of fossil remains or time 
period. It is basically an on line version of the tabulations from "The 
Dinosauria" with location maps, family information, classification and 
interesting additional facts added, and brought up to date (March 1996). B&W 
illustrations are available for 245 of the  valid genera.

Section 2 contains essays on various aspects of dinosaurology - endothermy vs 
ectothermy, the bird / dinosaur relationship, extinction, social behaviour, 
fossilisation, geological time periods, dinosaurs from different continents, 
major dinosaur groups, classification etc, and a mini-encyclopedia on 
prehistoric reptiles and their relationship to dinosaurs with descriptions and 
illustrations of 100 individual genera.

Additional features:
        Built-in dictionary - click on a difficult word or anatomic term and 
get a 
        'pop-up' definition.
        Very easy to use interface - suitable for mid primary school children 
        Add reader's notes to all topics.
        Set up 'guided tours' (useful for schools etc or to just select your 
        Individual illustrations can be transported and used in other 
        Network compatible.
        Regular updates (18-24 monthly)
System Requirements:

Any IBM compatible computer with 640K RAM, VGA graphics and DOS 3.1 or
better, and approximately 5Mb of space on the hard drive. Mouse not
essential but highly recommended. This is NOT a CDRom product, and
does not require Windows.

For further information, pricing, order form etc , please contact me as follows:
Mail address:  25 Clifton St, Scarborough, Western Australia, 6019.
Fax number: (61) 9 346 3221
E-mail address: endocrin@desktop.com.au (Graeme Worth)