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Re: Swimming mammoths and climate change

In a message dated 96-04-10 15:09:53 EDT, you write:

>Is there any chance that the crossing took place during a glacial period,
>when sea levels would have been lower, the distance less and (possibly) the
>conditions in the intervening waters that make them attractive to sharks
>today not applicable?

To my recollection yes. Unfortunately, even the sea level drop associated
with the last Ice Age was not enough for a wade as the waters are very deep (
I believe they recah near abyssmal depths nearby) . Just guessing but small
island chains may have existed and  the shallower water may have made the
journey less dangerous as far as sharks go. Regarless, they still got there
and I am impressed!

Thomas R. Lipka
Paleontological/Geological Studies