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Re: Tail Artc. n T-rex(?)/Lambiosaur/Sue

At 11:43 AM 4/11/96 -0400, Roger A. Stephenson wrote:
>Something has to be done. Maybe the best T-rex. fossil ever found is
>sitting in boxes while the scientific gain is being put on hold. A team of
>respected and qualified paleontologist need to petition the parties
>involved, with the full support of us amatuers, for the complete
>restoration and documemtation of this treasure.


   Sue is the property of the owner of the land it was found on, Maurice
Williams.  As of November 1995 he had indicated that the ONLY way it was
going to go anywhere was for somebody to buy it.  End of story.  All the
petitions in the world won't change that.  The only option is for everybody
to get together and buy the thing.

   For the full story of Sue, see my Journal of Dinosaur Paleontology at

   PS:  if anybody has the text to the following article, I'd love to have it.

Duffy, P.K. and Lofgren, L.A. 1994. Jurassic Farce: A Critical Analysis of
the Government's Seizure of "SUE", a Sixty-Five-Million-Year-Old
Tyrannosaurus Rex Fossil. South Dakota Law Review, Vol. 39(3):478-528.

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