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Jeff Miller wrote:

>  I'm planning to contract
> this out to a graphics workshop called Viewpoint. but for them to do
> it, they need a actual dinosaur model (to model the body in the
> computer) and lotsa pictures and art (so they can paint the dino in
> the computer).

  Viewpoint has no less than 6 model T rexes already, at various
stages of poly level, and NONE really painted, so save your money and
use one of their existing models as a start and spend all your money
on the rendering.  They were all swiped from the ILM Siggraph model
  If you want the detail from ILM's Jurassic park, you need to use
ILM's proprietary tools for texturing.  ILM had one hell of a painting
system using Renderman with major modifications.  THIS IS STILL NOT
AVAILABLE, no matter what Viewpoint says.  You are still going to have
the textures applied in the old-pick-a-spot-and-apply-it, not ILM's
I-want-it-sort-of-lumpy-here.  You simply cannot get the level of
detail in Lightwave on a mere Window's Platform as 50 SGI's set up
through a Spark station, which still rendered at 5 hours a frame, so

> I wanna make sure it's done right. for this
> to happen i need public opinion of what is 'accurate'.  

Why is public opinion the least bit accurate?
You are not being terribly clever here, depending on public opinion
for accuracy.  Research is much better than public opinion, talking to
Greg Paul and Tom Holtz is better yet (just don't ask GSP about what
color T rexes were).

> one set corresponds with a
> theory (whose?) that states the arms were held close to the body, sort
> of like a folded bird wing. the other set of arms, simply arn't folded
> close to the body. I think this might have been Horner. any thoughts
> on this?

Horner says the arms did not appear to separate from the body till the
elbow-no armpit at all..  Why are you listening to Horner.  Listen to
Tom Holtz.  Horner is a hadrosaur expert that has simply dug up a T
rex, he hasn't specialised in therapods nearly as much as some.

> 2. One of the most accurate T-Rex's i've ever seen was the Jurassic
> Park T-rex. what do you think? 

THE HEAD IS WRONG.  The model is perhaps the most accurate in TV or
MOVIES to date, but that does not mean it IS accurate.

And swiping the art work is still swiping the art work, whether it's
well done or not.  Copyright infringement is not a nice thing, when
the suit is brought against you, backed by the money that ILM has
backing it.

-Betty Cunningham
illustrator, animator, and likes to collect dead things
-now at SEGA