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Re: Rhoetosaurus

On Thu, 11 Apr 1996, Adam Yates wrote:

> 3) forked chevrons are primitive for the 
> Eusauropoda at least. If this last scenario is correct then hypotheses 
> regarding forked chevrons as specialisations for a tripodal feeding 
> stance are likely to be incorrect.

Why?  While I don't consider it likely that forked chevrons are primitive 
for Eusauropoda, might this mean simply that a tripodal feeding stance 
was was primitive for Eusauropoda as well?

There is also another possibility that should be added to your list:

4) _Rhoetosaurus_ is an Australian euhelopodid that lost the bone bridge 
on the anterior chevrons convergently with neosauropods.

Or Upchurch could be wrong, and there might *be no Neosauropoda* 
exclusive of euhelopodids.

> Adam Yates   

Nick Pharris
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