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Re: Dwarfism in dinos

> Are any examples of pygmy dinosaurs known? 

Europe was an archipelago in the Mesozoic (higher sea levels 
etc etc), and some European dinosaurs have been described as "pygmy" 
or "dwarf" members of their respective lineages - _Struthiosaurus_ 
for the polacanthids (or nodosaurids), _Telmatosaurus_ for the 
hadrosaurids.  But, as far as I know the list ends here.  And, there 
are a lot of fairly big European dinosaurs too (for Britain as well 
as the Continent).

Of course, _Nanotyrannus_ and _Maleevosaurus_ could be regarded as 
pygmy members of the Tyrannosauridae, but this is probably correlated 
with niche partitioning; not because they evolved on islands.