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re: Where are they?

>And one thing is striking to me: where are the women?



Here in Australia, contrary to the image portrayed of Australian University
life by Monty Python et al., women are prominent in vertebrate
palaeontology and, if postgrads are included in the census, they actually
form the majority. Women are active in all areas of vertebrate
palaeontology including fish (Sue Turner, Anne Kemp), amphibians (Anne
Warren), marine reptiles (Mary Wade), dinosaurs and birds (Pat Rich), and
mammals (Sue Hand, Jeanette Muirhead) all of which are in positions above
that of postgrad in universities and museums throughout the country. Our
sole coprolite researcher (Caroline Northwood) is also female and continues
her research undeturd (yes, I stole that one from John Long, who no doubt
stole it from someone else).

Cheers, Paul