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Betty Cunningham wrote:

>Jeff Miller wrote:
>>  I'm planning to contract this out to a graphics workshop called
>> Viewpoint. but for them to do it, they need a actual dinosaur model
>> (to model the body in the computer) and lotsa pictures and art (so
>> they can paint the dino in the computer).
>  Viewpoint has no less than 6 model T rex's already, at various
> stages of poly level, and NONE really painted, so save your money and
> use one of their existing models as a start and spend all your money
> on the rendering.


Crestline Software is in the process of producing some dinos for 3D
Studio and I think Light Wave. The Illustration I saw was of a
theropod (Allosaurus?) and a Sauropod of some type. I talked with the
owner and he said they were close to being released. He said they
included inverse kinematics. Perhaps Betty can shed more light here.

>> I wanna make sure it's done right. for this
>> to happen i need public opinion of what is 'accurate'.

I agree with Betty. If you did not get my off list e-mail, check out the 
variety of T.rex interpretations at my Dinosaur Art home page: 
     There are about a dozen pieces from idiotic on up on display. And of 
course, that only scratches the surface.  Get a Saurian Studios catalogue or 
talk to the folks at Dinosaur Studio. There are  a number of sources at my 
web site,  if you want more.  There are a lot of was to skin that cat.

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