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Re: Tail Artc. n T-rex(?)/Lambiosaur/Sue

At 08:22 AM 4/12/96 -0700, Kelly Milner-Halls wrote:
>You wrote: 
>However, *eight* more T. rexes have been found since then, which no 
>doubt decreases the dollar value of Sue.
>Oh, but none as complete or as amazingly well preserved as Sue (not 
>SINCE she was found - - Horner's rex preceeded Sue, right?)

   The Wankel T. rex was excavated the same summer that Sue was found.

   Regardless of their completeness, the value of Sue *is* decreased by the
influx of more T. rexes into the market ... provided they are put on the
market.  Their lack of completeness can be made up by casts.  They won't
carry the price of Sue, but will decrease the value of Sue nonetheless.

>I've heard quotes as high as eight million.  But for fund raising 
>purposes, let's think LOW.

   I would put the current market value of Sue around 3 million.  Somebody
suggested I use my web page to solicit contributions, but it ain't going to
come close to 3 million.  It will take a concerted effort from all of us ...
Dino List people, dinosaur webmasters, and museums ... to buy Sue solely
from contributions.  If a coordinator for all that can be found, someone
with a good marketing mind and a good people person, I think it is doable.
But that is the *only* way in my educated opinion.

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