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        I hardly know the whole story of the "Sue" T. Rex but I can't help but 
think how utterly appalling it is for the land owner to ask an outrageous 
in exchange for it. I was reading Jeff Poling's webpage article "For the Sake 
Sue" and got a good idea about what's happening. That T. Rex died in an 
unfortunate place indeed. (Too bad it didn't croak on a more generous person's 
land). Obviously, he wants to be set for life instead of donating the specimen 
for study. It's a shame.
        It would be a better world if people didn't want to hoard everything 
themselves. In defence of Mr. Williams, if I were offered that much money, I'd 
probably see $$ too. But then again, I'd build cathedral ceilings in my house 
and put Sue on display (or at least, the cast).
        AHH WELL,
        I know there aren't any dino bones in my backyard...they have yet to 
find a skeleton in Pennsylvania.