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Re: Re[2]: Swimming mammoths and climate change

>       How about icebergs as a transportation method, if we're 
> desperate? A polar bear drifted ashore on the northern end of the Kodiak 
> Archipelago when it was transported by iceberg. So a herd of mammoths on 
> an ice sheet breaks off and drifts out to sea. Perhaps improbable, but 
> it's either that, or swimming- there's no other way to move a mammoth 
> across water of that depth.  

    What does water DEPTH have to do with anything?  An elephant swimming 
across relatively "shallow" seas is still going to drown if it stops 
swimming.  What difference does it make how far it sinks?
     By the way, how much farther does the swimming elephant debate have 
to go?

LN Jeff
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