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Re: Climate change & big rocks

>Hmm, the book I am currently reading, by Archibald, claims that
>Leidyosuchus (?aka Phobosuchus?) survived the K-T extinction.
>By all accounts that animal was larger than 25 kg.

Leidyosuchus is definitely not aka Phobosuchus (which may be a synonym for
Deinosuchus). Leidyosuchus is a real ratbag group that needs a good clean
up at the moment and, to that end, a number of us dead croc groupies are
playing with it at the moment. However, there is no unequivocal evidence
for any single species of Leidyosuchus surviving the K/T boundary but the
genus does appear to make it through. From inspection of Leidyosuchus
material I would estimate that average adult size would be around 2-3
metres and about 100-150 kg in mass. They are not particularly big crocs.
Granted, bigger than 25kg, but I would assume that juveniles would be
considerably less than the adult mass (!?!?!) and that the generation of
hatchlings throught to less than 25kg would represent at least the first 3
years of life. Perhaps the survival of Leidyosuchus was an immature refuge
(to coin a phrase).

Cheers, Paul