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Re: Answer to Dinogeorge

At 10:05 AM 4/13/96 -0700, Kelly Milner-Halls wrote:

>But Williams doesn't actually live "on" the res.  His land is held in 
>trust by the feds by choice...his choice.  If he allows them this on 
>paper stewardship, he doesn't have to pay federal income taxes.  Would 
>that I could make such an arrangement. 

   According to the article "For the Sake of Sue" (which is, incidentally,
where I got Williams' age) Sue was, indeed, found on reservation land.  I
suppose Williams may not actually live on that land, but it is apparently
within the boundaries of the reservation.  Perhaps the article was in error
on this point.

   I also note from the article that I may have been in error in placing the
value of Sue at 3 million.  He as apparently received offers as high as 60
million.  Makes me wonder why he hasn't already sold yet ... perhaps they
weren't serious offers.

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