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Re: Answer to Dinogeorge

At 11:46 AM 4/13/96 -0400, Kelly Milner-Halls wrote:

>Okay, since we're playing "what if" here, building scenarios in the
>sky, what if Williams only donated the USE of Sue...retained all
>commercial rights to the specimen.  In other words, what if he gave
>scientists the right to study Sue in exchange for prep hours, signed a
>50 year lease with, say the National Museum, in exchange for a fat
>percentage of every admission charged to see Sue - - why wouldn't that
>serve the scientist and the capitalist?  Hmmmm?  Does the "American
>Way" have to be an all or nothing proposition?

   It does in this case.  Mr. Williams is 70 years old.  What is the life
expectancy for reservation Indians these days?  A trickle of income isn't
going to float his boat ... he's said as much ... and I think the only thing
that would make him take an annual income over everything all at once would
be convincing him that nobody is going to buy it.

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