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dwarf dinosaurs

Maybe there were reasons why there were so few, if any _dwarf_
dinosaurs.  Especially as the Cretaceous wore on, mammals, snakes
and lizards filled small animal niches to the dinosaurs
exclusion.  The dinosaurs could neither burrow to hide, nor could
they keep stealthily down on all fours to hide in close cover. 
In the open field they were probably prey to aerial predators for
whom the smaller they were, the easier they were to snatch up. 
The reasons for these restriction should be found in the
structure of their legs.  Two-legged, non-flying, ground-laying,
below 1 kg body plan (i.e., what a small dinosaur would be) is
basically a bankrupt form, and it is still so today - at least
where there are mammals!
        Still another reason may have been competition with the juveniles 
of large dinosaurs.