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>Why did the North American marsupials die, but those in other
>regions survive (the Virginia opposum, by the way, is a migrant from
>South America)?

If the impact is in the northern hemisphere, isn't it more likely that the
nuclear winter scenario would be much worse north of the equator.
 Atmosphereic circulation patterns do not show much exchange between
hemispheres. The same is true for oceanic circulation patterns. Isn't it
likely that the ecologic impact of a single bolide strike would be more
severe north of the equator?  If the climatologic impact of the event were
large enough, and the thermal effect on  global scale caused sufficient
gradient one could expect some inter hemisphere exchange, but the gradient
would likely have to be greater than that caused by the diproportionate
distribution of land and water that exists today between the hemispheres.

Just a thought.

John Ellingson
Madison, WI