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Re: Climate change & big rocks

From: pwillis@ozemail.com.au (Paul Willis)

 > Leidyosuchus is definitely not aka Phobosuchus (which may be a synonym for
 > Deinosuchus).

That is inteesting. This means that Archibald doesn't list Phobosuchus
*at* *all* in his Hell Creek faunal list.  That is why I thought it
might be the same.

 >  Leidyosuchus is a real ratbag group that needs a good clean
 > up at the moment and, to that end, a number of us dead croc groupies are
 > playing with it at the moment. However, there is no unequivocal evidence
 > for any single species of Leidyosuchus surviving the K/T boundary but the
 > genus does appear to make it through.

Which is all Archibald's table claims.
The way he made the table, a form was listed as surviving the extinction
if it had any identifiable *descendents* in the Paleoecene, even if the
descendents were a different species or genus.
[I think this may somewhat undercount extinctions, as a species can
continue to exist after budding off a new species].

What is interesting about his table is that the predominately aquatic
groups of vertebrates showed little extinction (all salamanders, frogs
and almost all turtles survived - except the one apparently terrestrial

On the other hand lizards and marsupials were nearly wiped out.

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