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Dinosaur Forum Extends Invitation

[ This message was already distributed via the list, but given the
  nature of the message and the fact that it was last sent about two
  weeks ago, I've chosen to allow it through again.  I also note that
  in this version the hours are listed as 7-10 whereas before they
  were 6-10.  You might want to note that if you planned to go after
  you saw the first announcement.  Michael, if it should be 6-10,
  please let us know.  Otherwise it seems to me that we should
  conclude that this message supersedes the previous one.  In any
  case, I'm afraid I won't be going to Arizona.  Have fun everyone! --
  MR ]

All professional participants and public attendees of Dinofest International
tm are cordially invited to come to the Dinosaur Forum's Hospitality Suite
at the Mission Palms Hotel.

Members of the Dinosaur Forum, a CompuServe special interest group, are
happy to provide an open Hospitality Suite at the Mission Palms Hotel,
Friday, April 19th between 7 pm and 10 pm.

We will be offering a medium size meeting room, a cash bar with beer, wine
and soft drinks, and free hors d'ouevres.  As a courtesy to the professional
participants, we will defray a portion of the drink costs during the
evening. Contact me for details.

Our intent is primarily to provide a decent sized meeting place for folks to
gather and share in discussions about dinosaurs (what else?) and get to know
one another.  We will also provide free CompuServe software as long as
supplies last.

Go Graphics Group, Inc. of Orlando, FL is our corporate sponsor, providing
financial assistance in providing the Hospitality Suite.

This is not a solicitation or advertisement for financial expenditure and
acceptance of this invitation incurs no obligation.

For the Dinosaur Forum

 Michael Sternberg
 Amateur Paleontologist and Natural Curiousitarian
 Member of the Northwest Paleontological Association &
 Vancouver Paleontological Society
 "I never Metasequoia I didn't like"        

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