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Dinosaur Genera List corrections #45

It's been so long, I can't really remember whether this is DGL corrections
#45, but that's gotta be pretty close to where I left off...

Ralph Molnar sent notice of two new dinosaurs described by Jose Bonaparte in
his new book _Dinosaurios de America del Sur_ (1995: gotta get a copy!):

_Ligabueino andesi_, a small, _Compsognathus_-size theropod that Bonaparte
classified as a primitive abelisaur (or neoceratosaurian), and

_Rayososaurus agrioensis_, a sauropod evidently related to _Rebbachisaurus_.

I have as yet no further information on these.

So add the following to the Dinosaur Genera List:

_Ligabueino_ Bonaparte, 1995
_Rayososaurus_ Bonaparte, 1995

Genera count goes up to 785.