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Re: "No Bolides!"

In a message dated 96-04-16 04:47:01 EDT, you write:

>> What is science then?  Is the truth different than facts?  I don't
>> understand what your getting at?  Please Explain!  I thought Science
>> was the persuit of truth!
> It all comes back to science philosophy. The most basic principle is
> that, through scientific methods, truth cannot be
> identified. Science identifies propositions as correct in so far as
> they have not been shown to be incorrect. This is a long way short
> of truth. Truth is the domain of religion and other philosophies of
> given knowledge. It is not a part of science which is an on-going
> invetigation process in which nothing can be taken as true.
>Cheers, Paul

Thanks!  I guess I simply disagrree with you!  Truth is part of Religion!  I
know my church is true!  If science is not the persuit of truth then why is
everyone one in an uproar about psuedo-science?  How can there be psuedo
science it science has nothhing to do with truth?
Mike! :) :)