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Re: patterns in extinction, etc.

In a message dated 96-04-17 17:52:49 EDT, you write:

>- Climatic cooling was occuring.  This may be related to the two
>previous items.  Near the time of the Permo-Triassic extinctions there
>was an actual *ice* *age*.

I don't think (and I may be wrong) that there was any significant
climactic cooling at the time of the K-T. In fact, I do seem to
remember a couple of references who's titles escape me that indicate
only a modest if any cool down but certainly still more warmer than
todays climate. In fact the cool spell quickly rebounded to an even
hotter climate by the Eocene and was even warmer than the hoyhouse of
the Cretaceous!

Thomas R. Lipka

(Still catching up on things after an overtime induced hiatus followed
by the usual down time for a system upgrade)