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New Dino Documentaries

This Sunday (April 21) the Discovery Channel will premier two new

Dinomania (8 pm, I think): a look at the portrayal of dinos in pop
culture, especially the movies.

And (more importantly, to me at least):

The Complete Guide to _T. rex_: a look at the discovery and
interpretations of the king tyrant lizard since the turn of the
century.  Featuring the usual suspects (Bakker, Horner, Currie),
Farlow chasing emus, Padian in an aviary (or so I was told), Sereno
and _Eoraptor_ (if they ever did get the footage shot), and my
documentary premier! The computer graphics theropod cladogram will
look pretty familiar to readers of the list...

These shows repeat throughout the week.  Check your cable listings for

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