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Impact Symposium Proceedings

I have been watching all the discussion on the impact theory and
extinctions and offer this up for all those who need to read all the
articles on the subject.  I am a friend of Dr. A. Montanari who was
part of the original Berkeley Group who thought up this idea.  There
was a conference in May of 1995 in Ancona Italy sponsored by the
European Science Foundation titled _The Effect of Impacts on the
Atmosphere and Biosphere with Regard to Short- and Long-term Changes_.
This is a series of abstracts under the 4th International Workshop
regarding Impact Cratering and Evolution of Planet Earth.  The
Workshop Volume is about 200 pages long and has a number of
interesting sections, although very little about dinosaurs, mostly all
the other smaller beasties that bought it.  It is also not exclusive
to the K\T impact but talks of a number of others throughout the
geologic record especially the Eocene/Oligocene.  The authors are
largely europeans and americans and from non-paleontological fields.

If there is a strong desire to purchase a copy of this book by a large
enough number of individuals, I will undertake the role of
coordinating the sale and distribution.  I have talked to
Dr. Montanari and he has told me that he could get the book recopied
and bound and mail them from Italy for about $35(US). Any money left
over will go into continuing the research of the impacts through the
Geological Observatario of Coldigioco.

I have no idea what if anything I am getting into with regards to
demand or delivery data.  Let's see what happens. -Paul Kopsick