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Re: orca's eating habits

>Darren Nash was discussing the eating habits of orca's with respect to large

Darren _Naish_. Don't worry, one more day till the weekend!

>animals. I recently saw on PBS (I think) a pod of orcas (about five) take
>apart a blue whale virtually stripping all the skin off and then leave it.
>Wonder what that was about???

To an orca, the blubber from a large mysticete like the blue whale is a
treat impossible to resist! So they go after a whale, keep it going in one
direction by surrounding it on every side, and then they all take turns
rushing in to rip some of the whale's blubber off. They do this until
everyone is satisified, then departing, leaving the poor whale with quite
a bit less skin. Actually, I'm sure it kills the whale in most cases.

"So Free Willy is glorifying a murderer, eh?"

If only half the people that think orcas are "cute" knew what they do to
other marine mammals! Rushing ashore to capture young sea lions in
Patagonia, and then smashing them around with their tails comes to
mind...ahh, yes predatory behaviour, fascinating isn't it!?