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I wonder if anyone could help me with some queries on the life
appearance of mosasaurs.

Ever since Charles Knight, it's been the norm to illustrate mosasaurs
with a wavy skin crest going along the backbone, a bit like that you
find in some modern lizards. This seems to be based on early
identification of some structures in the neck area as from an
iguana-type crest. Lingham-Solaire's historic review of mosasaur
locomotion includes a quote from a Samuel Williston paper from 1894 or
thereabouts in which he recognised these structures as preserved
displaced cartilaginous rings from the trachea. Where does that leave
the 'crest'? Is there any evidence for it in any fossils?

I've read (it's on the NG Dinos of N. America poster I think) that
mosasaur skin impressions are known, and reveal small, diamond-shaped
scales. Is anyone aware of any reference describing these impressions?

Thanks for any help.

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