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Ultimate Guide to T. rex correction

Just a quick correction to a statement of mine yesterday:

According to a phone call I received last afternoon, the final version
of "The Ultimate Guide to _T. rex_" (Discovery Channel, April 21, 9
pm) will NOT feature the interview with me: that scene is now on the
cutting room floor.  Of course, this leaves me demoralized and a bit
depressed, but (it seems) the cladogram WILL be presented, and
presumably my name will be in the credits...  So, those on the net who
wonder what I look like will have to wait for some other documentary
(or, perhaps, an extended length version of "The Ultimate Guide": I
know that at least one dino documentary, on the Sino-Canadian
Expeditions, exists in both a one-hour broadcast and one-and-a-half
hour (or was it 2?) video release).

I hope the final broadcast version isn't the same old same old: Bakker
v.  Horner arguing about things they refuse to put into peer review.
Hopefully, for example, Farlow's emu and tripping _T. rex_ work will
be presented: it is both informative AND amusing.

Talk to you later,

Thomas R. Holtz, Jr.
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