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Re: Marasuchus (formerly Lagosuchus)

About _Marasuchus_, Dinogeorge wrote (4/18/96; 4:20p):

>It [_Marasuchus_] had the following combination of characters
>in common with other primitive theropodomorphs
>(e.g., herrerasaurians):

>(6) Metatarsal V vestigial
>(7) Pedal digit V absent

I just read in The Dinosaur Society's Dinosaur Encyclopedia, and I've
seen it elsewhere, that herrerasaurids had five toes.  So, actually,
it's five metatarsals, and only four toes?

Also, are metatarsal I and its phalanges reversed?

What is the situation for _Eoraptor_?

Again, thanks in advance for replies.  I promise not to post another
diatribe in response!

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