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Warm Fuzzies(was "RE: orca's eating habits")

On Thu, 18 Apr 1996, Ben S. Roesch said,

>If only half the people that think orcas are "cute" knew what they do 
>to other marine mammals! Rushing ashore to capture young sea lions in
>Patagonia, and then smashing them around with their tails comes to
>mind...ahh, yes predatory behaviour, fascinating isn't it!?

    Sorry, can't keep my mouth shut again:-),
        Ben, don't you know that there is no such thing as a 
"predatory" animal? I mean, ain't they all just warm fuzzy little 
teddys that frolic around in the perfectly adujsted "circle of life" 
that is nature?

        Yes I am being sarcastic (duh Cory, thanx for the help:-)). 
We were talking about stuff like this in my science & religion class 
recently and I had no idea just HOW popular the above veiw of animals 
and nature is. People seem to have just no idea that animals are 
living creatures that kill(animals or plants) to survive, they always 
seem to expect the mellow fuzzies that populate zoos. _The Lion 
King_, _The Land Before Time_, _Raptor Red_(but at least Ranger Bob 
adds the element that it's not just the "bad guys" that kill); it's 
just so... untrendy, to believe that animals are anything other than 
the perfect "spirits of the forest" or whatever. And if you aren't 
trendy... lookout!!(I know this one first hand:-)).

        Before I cast off and await my flames, I have to say this: if 
palaeontology has taught me one thing, it's that nature doesn't need 
our help to destroy it... it can do that fine all by itself.

Cory Gross
Alberta Palaeontological Society
MRC Earth Sciences Society
(all 'round rabble rouser:-))