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Re: orca's eating habits

In a message dated 96-04-19 06:54:00 EDT, you write:

>If only half the people that think orcas are "cute" knew what they do to
>other marine mammals! Rushing ashore to capture young sea lions in
>Patagonia, and then smashing them around with their tails comes to
>mind...ahh, yes predatory behaviour, fascinating isn't it!?

Don't forget what they do to the penguins of Anartica! That's why I
hypothersized potential predation of the swimmig mammoths . Not as
blubber rich as whales but enough for a treat.  Orca predation is very
facinating. I once saw a documentary about _sharks_ when the crew
happened apon a pair of Orcas in the South Seas! They were being very
playful with the ship and divers, then suddenly they both dove
deep. Several minutes later, both orcas came back to the area of the
ship with dead sharks (forgot the species) nearly 2M long in their
mouths. And apparently just killed by them!  All this just to add to
their play! Then the moved on.

Thomas R. Lipka
Paleontological/Geological Studies