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New Greg Paul book

Gakken's dinosaur-magazine editor Masaaki Inoue sent me a copy of
Gakken's new hardcover book of Greg Paul's skeleton silhouettes and
dinosaur paintings, a collection of his three articles in
_Dino-Frontline_ #11-13.  Although the book is in Japanese, an English
translation of the entire text (as far as I can determine) can be
found in the back of the book. I don't know the price (maybe 3000
yen??). As with all of Greg's stuff, ya gotta have it!

Paul, G. S., 1996. The Complete Illustrated Guide to Dinosaur Skeletons,
Gakken Mook, Tokyo: 98 pp. [in Japanese with English translation].

ISBN 4-05-400656-6

This is Gakken's address; perhaps inquiries should be sent directly to Mr.

Gakken Kagaku
40?5, 4-chome Kami-ikedai
Ohta-ku, Tokyo 145, JAPAN