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Re: Differential reproductive failure of dinosaurs

This thread is starting to bother me, we have evidence suggesting that
dinos didn't have a big problem with egg predation, the recent
oviraptor found had a huge number of eggs with him, and the brooding
colonies of other dinosaurs don't seem to have an egg
shortage. Finally it will be hard to explain how the nasty mammal egg
eaters managed to eliminate dinos in places like Australia and New
Zealand, The Americas, Europe Asia and Africa at roughly the same

Egg laying and brooding occurs over a small time interval, the
predators will have to survive on other food sources for most of the
year, and brooding in colonies makes it almost impossible for the
predators on that area to eat all the eggs... the main problem has to
do with predation on young, yet I fail to see what's the big mammalian
advantage on having a few big expensive youngsters, dinos had lots of
small and cheap hatchlings. Predators and many small mammals give
birth to altricial offspring, wich are at no better situation than