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Re: Novel invasion of dino-haven by K/T mammals.

John Bois writes;

>When it did, the dinosaurs, adaptationally speaking, were
>caught off guard.  They had never been exposed to threats of such a novel
>nature: burrowing ability, cognitive powers, aural, visual acuity and so

Oy vey!!!!

Okay, where do I begin.  First of all, in comparing brainsize and body
weight between Late Cretaceous Mammals and Dinosaurs, while there may be an
*overall* tendancy for the mammals to score higher, that is not the case
when individual genera are compaired.  In the case of Troodon, it had more
brainpower than any other terrestrial animal at the time (for both dinos
and mammals).  If anything, the increase in mammal brain size at the end of
the Cretaceous is more likely due to activity of animals like Troodon.

Also, mammal vision is notoriously poor; only the primates have full color
vision, where the majority of predators have limited color vision.

Finally, unless you are going to suggest army ant-style swarming for the
Cretaceous mammals, the idea of mammals being of any kind of threat to a
several ton dinosaur is difficult to grasp.  Even if the threat was aimed
at the eggs, there wouldn't be enough mammals around to disrupt
survival-to-hatching rates enough to be of any threat.


"Perhaps he was dictating."