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NEW ZEALAND *AGAIN* - mammals & eggs

> 6. T. H. says: "...there is no evidence that Mesozoic birds were
> tree nesters."
> But we would expect it.

I wouldn't.

> 9. Darren Naish says: "...funny how (New Zealand's dinosaurs)
> died out at the same time as other forms worldwide."
> A conundrum!

You're kidding right?

> But, if NZ broke off with a representative cargo of
> dinos and mammals (is that what happened?), would it not be
> reasonable to suggest that mammals could evolve to exploit the
> same niche dimension as the mainland mammals (eggs), in a process
> which had perhaps already begun.

How many times do I have to say it? NZ has _no_ known fossil mammals bar
mystacinid bats.

John doesn't seem aware of Jim Kirkland's suggestion that late Jurassic
terrestrial crocodiles were eaters of dinosaur eggs.

"Fire at will Commander!"
Poor Will!