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Re:Channel Islands

Ray McAllister wrote:

>Well folks, I checked my bathymetric charts of the Channel Islands off
>California and found to my amazement that the distance from the coast to
>Anacapa Island, allowing for about 100 meters of sea level lowering (150
>m does not change the picture much) is about 6 miles.

I think you're right Ray.  Anacapa is about 12 miles offshore today,
straight out from Point
McGoo.  Anacapa is a long low Island with a spire at one end.  It is also
the only Brown
Pelican breeding colony  on the west coast of the United States.

>The lower sealevel would have made a LAND BRIDGE from Anacapa to Santa
>Cruz and from Santa Cruz to Santa Rosa. So the farthest they would have
>had to swim was about 6 miles.

Didn't realize  this; that means all four Islands, San Miguel included
would have been one big

        >This also suggests that we might well find remains on
>Anacapa, a small Island and on Santa Cruz, the biggest of the three.

What shows above the surface on Anacapa today is the very peak of that
Island.  You might
need SCUBA gear to recover Mammoth fossils on Anacapa.

       > Farther south the distance to Santa Catalina is about  15 miles
>during Pleistocene and San Clemente probably was too far to swim, about 40
>miles as I >recollect.

To the best of my knowledge no Mammoth material has been found on San
Clemente or
Santa Catalina.  There is however, a herd of American Bison on Catalina
now.  Give it a few
thousand years and . . . Mommy Mommy!  Can I have a Dwarf Bison?
Pleeeeeeese???  He's
not much bigger than my Bassett Hound!

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