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Re: Coelophysis/Rioarribasaurus

From: Dinogeorge@aol.com
 > He has also found evidence of _Syntarsus_ at Ghost Ranch
 > (meaning there is more than one genus of small theropods among the
 > skeletons).

Perhaps.  Or it is possible that some of the supposedly diagnostic
features of _Syntarsus_ can be variable within a *signle* species.

Colbert, in his book on the GR skeletons, mentions that there is some
variability in the occurance of tarsal fusion among the GR specimens.
He suggests that this may be a growth related change.

If this is the sole reason that Bob Sullivan is suggesting the presence
of Syntarsus at Ghost Ranch, I think the case is weak.  I think it would
be necessary to show a correlation between tarsal fusion and other
diagnostic features in order to do so.

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