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Re: Elongated Pupils

>I was looking at John McLaughlin's excellent book _Archosauria_ the other day,
>and I noticed that he depicts ceratopsians and other herbivores with the same
>kind of elongated pupils that mammals like sheep and goats have.  What do you
>all think of this restoration, and why do those mammals have those elongated
>pupils anyway?

The elongated pupils allow the eyes to take in more light, crutial when
dusk falls, and predators are active.

As far as the accuracy of the same eye structure being in dinosaurian
herbivores, that will always be in doubt.  Any soft-part reconstruction of
a fossil animal will be based more on the imagination of the artist than on
fossil evidence, because the soft parts don't fossilize (except under very
wierd conditions).  We can make some inferences about internal morphology
(ie; circulatory systems) by comparative anatomy, but even then the results
will be far from being the last word.  This applies even more for external
anatomy, for which we have sketchy evidence at best.

"That rabbit's dynamite."