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Re: Elongated Pupils

On Mon, 22 Apr 1996, Dave Hardenbrook wrote:

> Hi!
> I was looking at John McLaughlin's excellent book _Archosauria_ the other day,
> and I noticed that he depicts ceratopsians and other herbivores with the same
> kind of elongated pupils that mammals like sheep and goats have.  What do you
> all think of this restoration, and why do those mammals have those elongated
> pupils anyway?
>                              -- Dave

Thank you for this posting, Mr. Hardenbrook.  HOrizontally elongate
pupils occur in animals that have to scan the horizon, or large areas
around them, for potential trouble like predators.  Hence this sort of
pupil is common in herbivores like goats, horses, etc.

In restoring my archosaurian herbivores with such pupils, I presumed that
they inhabited a world as dangerous to them as that of, say, Cape
buffalo today, and that they might well have had such
horizontally-scanning pupils.

Thanks again.

John C. McLoughlin