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Discovery Channel programing

        As most of you know, it's "Dinosaur Week" on Discovery Channel. I must
say, I'm not too thrilled about the programing so far. Someone mentioned
watching the Ultimate Guide: T. Rex and how we could have done without the
beady-eyed model head bopping through the forest. It should have been subtitled
"Hosted by Phil Currie". The info was good though. Unfortunately, Prehistoric
Preditors was a compilation of previous Paleoworld episodes with a different
narration. It wasn't new.
        (By the way, why do they show a lot of T.Rex manuevering through a
forest - making hardly any noise. Wouldn't he get stuck between trees or
something? What other large animal would be strolling through the heavy brush
that Rex could eat? Question for Dr. Tim)
        Also, they keep promoting "Dinosaur Week" with a commercial showing
Anomalocaris and Opabinia with the narration "Cambrian, 570, Triassic, 245,
Jurassic,208,Cretaceous, 97(?) million years ago..." Big jump there! I guess
they don't feel there were any interesting, odd-looking creatures evolving in
the Ordovician through Permian.
        Anyways, it is better than what would be found on network TV but it is

Missing Ben Gazzara's narration on Paleoworld,
Sharon Hill